How to create your own wedding website

How to create your own wedding website

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Creating your own wedding website gives your special day that added touch of uniqueness. Think of it as an extension to your wedding invitations – updating your guests on transport, accommodation, weather and any extra links or photo galleries you’d like to share. MW chatted with wedding website designer Sophie With Love who helps couples create their very own


What exactly is a wedding website?

A wedding website is a unique “www” destination for your nuptials, which includes unlimited pages, text, videos and images. Just like a normal website, this is specifically for a couple’s big day. I offer custom websites, in which I create a unique website from scratch, or a template that the bride and groom can edit themselves.

How did the idea come to you?

I am a website designer by trade and I had always wanted a wedding website for my big day. I thought, if I want one, surely others would too! So, I started creating a wedding based website instead of my usual business based sites. I made it more focused on replacing the invitation, as opposed to a wedding business.

How does this differ from a regular wedding invitation?

The website differs in that a person can put everything on the website about the big day. The invitations are limited to whatever you can fit on the paper and fit into the envelope. The website allows you to put endless amounts of information and update the details too. Once the paper invitations get sent, it is nearly impossible to easily update your guests, so this allows you flexibility on your big day.


What can you have on a website?

Practically anything you want! That’s what I love about it. You can put text, photos, galleries, maps, links to the venue, accommodation and travel, and ways through which people can RSVP (like online forms and links to an email address). It allows you to completely remove the use of paper.

Can the website help with planning?

Yes, it can. I have created pages (in the templates) for each stage of the wedding process, so couples know what invitations and communication they need to give their guests. Telling your guests too little information is frustrating for them so this helps you tell them every little detail you want them to know.

Do brides need to know how to code to create a website?

Absolutely not! I have used a program called WIX and it is a drag and drop design suite. I also provide every bride with detailed instructions to help too!


What are some features brides can include on their site?

Videos: the program loves Youtube and Vimeo, so you can include videos of your favourite music or funny clips
Social media links to your accounts
Gallery of images: I love the idea of using the site to share pictures after the big day
Google Maps
Blog: you can post little articles and updates for your guests

What happens to the website after the wedding?

The couple have the choice to leave it up or take it down whenever they are ready. I plan to keep mine going, so that I can put up the photos from the wedding. Maybe use it to announce other big things in the future as well!

“My fiancé wasn’t sure about a wedding website. Completely unconvinced, I bought the template, used the directions and showed him the website with our images and words in it. He fell completely in love with it and now we are just a day away from sending our guests the link! SO HAPPPYYYYY!!”

“I love the template!! I have had so much fun putting my images in and my details in and cannot wait to share it with my fam and friends!! And thank you for the easy instructions too!!!! I would have been lost without them!”